[EN] PaleoPT

15 & 16 October 2022 - Lourinhã (Portugal)


The Portuguese Society of Paleontology "Sociedade Portuguesa de Paleontologia" is pleased to announce the first PaleoPT.

Human beings are gregarious. It is certainly not the first metazoan to be so, as Paleontology says. Therefore, we want to set aside a day annually to get together and celebrate this science in Portugal, share interests, curiosities, and needs and keep up to date with everything that is being done in Paleontology here. Not only in the scientific field but also culturally and on education, museology or recreation levels. We want to remember (doubly) the past of Paleontology in Portugal, to know the present, to envision the future, in a collective effort to unite the Portuguese paleontological community, as restricted as it is memorable. Come and enjoy a paleontological weekend, an initiative open to everyone, from professionals to amateurs, from students to the curious and even to the many juvenile specimens that look at Paleontology as many of us did before deciding to stay around.

SPdP Board
Sociedade Portuguesa de Paleontologia


Why PaleoPT?

If you like Paleontology, this meeting is for you!

PaleoPT is not a scientific congress. It is not a meeting of academics, and it is not an event restricted to those who make Paleontology an official profession. Fortunately, there is already an offer for that. We needed a meeting of people who have in common the taste for Paleontology, a day to exchange ideas, knowledge and curiosities about Portuguese Paleontology, a day when we can be immersed in this science, a meeting in which future partnerships can be born. Because Paleontology has always been done, does and will do for those who love and care for it.

Why in Lourinhã?

Participation in the I PaleoPT is exclusively in person. We should take advantage of the advantages of Portugal being a geographically small country. As SPdP's headquarters are in Lourinhã, located in a central position, a privilege that we should not miss either, the PaleoPT will take place in the AMAL Auditorium, in the city centre, on Saturday, October 15, 2022. There will be a set of activities on the following day, October 16, including workshops and field trips (see information below).

Why in October?

The International Palaeontological Association has established International Fossil Day to annually celebrate fossils (and the education around them), their preservation and exploration. This day is mobile, taking place on the Wednesday of the second whole week of October, which this year will be October 12th. Therefore, we chose the weekend associated with this date to mark the day and allow as many people, regardless of their professions, to be present.



Registrations are open until September 15, 2022, on the link: https://forms.gle/WMPtHdfy4DSwB9Jm6. The number of places is limited, so if you don't want to miss the opportunity to participate in the I PaleoPT, register now and guarantee yours.

Registration is 5,00€* for SPdP members and 50,00€* for nonmembers.

There's always time to join! >> HERE <<

This fee includes the participation certificate, documents and materials prepared for the participants, the possibility to present a communication, visit to the Lourinhã Museum and all the activities prepared for the first day, October 15, 2022.

Lunch is not included in the registration price, but SPdP will establish agreements with local restaurants and coffee shops so that participants can enjoy discounts.

* Because today we never know tomorrow (we never really knew...), in the event of cancellation of the event, we guarantee a refund of the registration fee.

The details of the bank account to which the transfer must be made are indicated below:

Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos

IBAN: PT50 0035 0405 00022819930 62


You can also pay by MBWay, number 911175230.

Presentation of paleontological communications

At PaleoPT, everyone is invited to present the results of their paleontological work, academic or not.

We want to know what has been done, what is being done and what is planned in all aspects (and there are many!) of Paleontology. From scientific research and other academic projects to work carried out by collectors, amateurs or lovers of Paleontology, we expect a great diversity of topics in this first edition of PaleoPT. But attention, the number of places is limited! Papers must be in a short abstract format, with a maximum length of 200 words and may be written in Portuguese or English. The publication rules, as well as the template for the work, are available in this tab.

Participants can send their work until July 15, 2022, to the following email address: spdpaleo@gmail.com. Each participant can submit only one communication. Authors are responsible for the content of their abstracts. SPdP Management will review all abstracts and reserve the right to accept or decline any submission. We will inform the authors of this acceptance after the abstract submission deadline.

The participants that wish to present their work must do so in oral communication. Oral communications must have a maximum duration of 5 minutes and will be shown on a computer: in Powerpoint, in PDF, in Keynote or, for those who prefer, you can do it in oral speech with physical supports (posters, collection of fossils, didactic materials produced, etc.), and the organisation provides the necessary means for its realisation.


PaleoPT Templates.docx


Submission of works: July 15, 2022.

Registrations: September 15, 2022.

Preliminary program

October 15 (saturday)

08h30 Reception for participants at the Auditorium A.M.A.L. (Lourinhã)

09h30 Openning

10h20 1st communications session

11h00 Coffee break

11h30 2nd communications session

12h30 Visit to Museu da Lourinhã/Lunch

14h30 3rd communications session

16h00 Coffee break + fossil identification tables*

17h00 Presentation and tribute session of the 1st Honorary Member of SPdP

17h30 4th communications session

18h00 Announcement and presentation of the winner of the 1st edition of the Prize Paleontology and Portuguese Stratigraphy

18h20 Other paleontological moments (presentation of initiatives, courses, activities, companies, etc.)

20h00 Social Dinner (local and prices to be determined)

We can create an alternative paleontological program for younger members, participants or companions interested in Paleontology. Let us know on the registration form.

*The PaleoPT is the right place to satisfy your curiosity about ancient organisms. Bring us that sample that you don't even know if it is a fossil or that fossil or collection that you never managed to identify. Surely someone will be able to help you.

WORKSHOPS (October 16)

Advanced Phylogeny: Good practices with TNT - Miguel Moreno-Azanza.

In this workshop you will learn the bases of the TNT program of advanced phylogeny, the most used program in the scientific literature. We will use new analysis, basal matrices construction, algorithms, interpretation, and presentation of the results, and mostly to set up a manual of good practices to work with analysis. The workshop is an introduction to the thematic, mas needs a notebook, with Windows de 64 bits.

Duration: 4 hours.

Material: notebook, with Windows de 64 bits.


SPdP members - 5,00€;

Nonmembers - 50,00€.

Vacancies: 20 participants

Preparation in Paleontology - Carla Tomás.

The fossil preparation at the laboratory of Lourinhã's Museum, with vast experience in mechanical preparation of vertebrates, screening, casts and replication, and also museum collections' curation.

Duration: 3 hours.

Fee (includes materials and PPE):

SPdP or GEAL members - 20,00€;

Nonmembers - 60,00€.

Vacancies: 10 participants.

FIELD TRIPS (October 16)

The Jurassic of Peniche and Lourinhã regions

In this field trip a few outcrops of Oeste Region of Lower Jurassic (Toarcian and Pliensbachian) and Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian/Tithonian) are visited. This territory has an enormous geological and paleontological magnificence that was proposed to an UNESCO GEOPARK.

Stop 1: Cabo Carvoeiro Lower Jurassic and Ponta do Trovão Pliensbachian stratotype; Stop 2: Porto Batel with marine and transitional environments with invertebrate fossils; Stop 3: Visit to Dinoparque Lourinhã (with lunch); Stop 4: Paimogo: continental environments of Lourinhã Fm. with dinossaurs traces.

Place and time: Departure Lourinhã (09:00 a.m.) and estimated return 6:00 p.m.

Duration: 9 hours.

Fee (includes transportation, ticket for Dinoparque Lourinhã and field notebook). Lunch not included.

SPdP members: 5,00€

Nonmembers: 15,00€

Minimum number: 10 participants.

Vacancies: 30 participants.

The Carboniferous of Buçaco Basin (Anadia and Mealhada regions)

We common heard the mention of “Mata do Buçaco”, but if you are a great enthusiast on vegetation, came to discover region around 300 million years ago. In this field trip you will have the opportunity to revisit the stratigraphic sequence of the Carboniferous Buçaco Basin, and where can be observed fluvial and lacustrine environments associated with a luxurious, abundant, and diverse vegetation (and some fauna also, if we were lucky). There are some levels that remember a truly herbarium pages. This basin is the youngest, in terms of geochronology, and one of the most important Carboniferous basins, regarding stratigraphy and paleontology, and was also the first coal concession officially register in Portugal (Santa Cristina mine). Not to be missed!

Place and time: meeting point at Luso (Mealhada) at 9:30h, and estimated return at 18:30h.

Transportation: to participate at this field trip you will need a private transportation.

Duration: 9 hours.

Fee (includes lunch and field trip guide):

SPdP members: 5, 00€

Nonmembers: 15,00€

Minimum number: 7 participants.

Vacancies: 20 participants.


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